Alternative Thinking for Business


Alternative Thinking: Vin Murria DBA, MBA, BSc (Hons) ‘100 people will tell you why not. Only you can say why.’

Vin sets out the parameters for change right up front, "I told everyone that this is a vibrant, exciting business to be in, if that sounds like you, we’ll do very well. But it’s not for everyone, if you don’t want that, this is your chance to go.


Alternative Thinking: Be Kaler of Futureheads ‘Bread today, jam tomorrow.’

I think that a degree of prudence has become part of our culture even now. We still have a motto ‘bread today, jam tomorrow’; we enjoy the money that we make throughout the business, but we make sure that we make it first.’


Alternative Thinking: Rajeeb Dey MBE entrepreneur: ‘Experience the pain. Act on the purpose.’

In Rajeeb Dey's experience, technology entrepreneurs are much more open than other business people. "We have grown up with the idea of shared platforms and open software, so we’re much more inclined to share our ideas right from the outset".


Alternative Thinking: Hugh Evans of Global Citizen ‘The Vital Difference between Talking and Doing.

If you had never encountered Hugh Evans or his organisation, Global Citizen, you’d be forgiven for smiling at the sheer audacity of it. Drill down just a little into what he does, and more importantly the architecture of how he does it.


Alternative Thinking: Oli Barrett, plural entrepreneur ‘Let me introduce you.’

Oli’s outlook is bound firmly with the millennial concept of the sharing economy, but neatly he has found ways of making money from the cracks in the network.


Alternative Thinking: Allan Shiach CEO of Rafford Films ‘Quick wins aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.’

Anyone who waits around long enough to acquire all the skills they need to do a job perfectly has already missed the boat. There’s always a long wait involved in being successful in any field, so you may just as well get started.


Alternative Thinking: Kevin McLoughlin of K&M Decorating ‘Do what you believe is right, the world will catch you up.’

Kevin McLoughlin business ethos was simple: 'you do the best job you can and charge a sensible price for it. I’ve stuck to that for years and it’s worked well. To be honest I probably could have had a bigger business, but I prefer to sleep at night.'


Alternative Thinking: Sarah Willingham, entrepreneur and investor ‘Don’t make life difficult.’

Most entrepreneurs are motivated because they want not to do something: not to be broke, not to have a boss, not to have to commute. Sarah Willingham is rare in that she is a genuine ‘towards’ person.


Alternative Thinking: Polly Barnfield OBE of Maybe* ‘Only sweat the big stuff.’

Polly Barnfield describes herself as a disruptor, but really she's a unique-seeker, who is right now in the process of commercialising her second entirely original business idea.


Alternative Thinking: Russell Norman of Polpo ‘After 20 years of hard graft, I was an overnight success.’

Russell Norman says he had the most fantastic job developing new restaurant ideas, 'I would have stayed there for life. I had absolutely no intention of starting up on my own. But when the job changed, I thought that maybe this was my time.’


Alternative Thinking: Lara Morgan, entrepreneur and investor 'Teach me I'm an idiot.'

I started out knowing nothing about anything, so I just thought I’d ask people to share their knowledge and experience with me, in exchange for listening. You’d be amazed what people will tell you if you show interest in them


Alternative Thinking: Duncan Cheatle of The Supper Club 'The Missionary Position'

Duncan Cheatle has always been interested in ideas that can have a big positive impact, "it’s much easier to communicate why you’re in business when you have an idea that can genuinely change things."


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