Alternative Thinking for Business

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We’ve had experience across many sectors of business: FMCG, consumer durables, automotive, B2B, leisure, food, IT, retail, health & beauty, pharmaceuticals, government, trade and legal, and charities; and as entrepreneurs we have set up, built and sold a variety of businesses, both for ourselves and for others, in public relations, advertising, product development, importing, design, event management, direct marketing, consulting and broadcasting.

What sort of projects do we do? For example, a key person leaves the business, forcing a restructure, a high-performing team stops performing, a new senior person comes into the business and struggles with the culture, you want to impose brand values throughout the business (not just the top level), you want to improve your reputation in the media, you want to review an agency partner, you need to address issues of succession planning, you want to enhance a vital performance ahead of you, or you have issues with performance anxiety.

We work with clients across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, often helping to deal with issues of cross-cultural communication.

All that took a bit of effort, and it’s all yours to dip into if we start to work together. To keep you going until then, here are some examples of what we do and what we’ve done before:

Innovation Thinking

You know that feeling that it’s only you that has any good ideas?


First 90 Days

Sure, some people breeze into a new position, but others take time and benefit from help.


Blank White Page Syndrome

Erm. Short of ideas? Call us.


Brand Mechanics

We can work with your whole team, and not just the marketers, to understand what’s making one brand work and another not; what makes the portfolio lurch to one side under heavy braking.



It’s a current business buzzword, but finding a way to lead in organisations while not abandoning your natural style has been with us for ever.


Take me to your leader

The realisation that you have full and complete responsibility for your decisions and the team of people who live by them is daunting for some and invigorating for others.



One of the benefits of being inherently lazy is that you develop a fondness for other people’s ideas.


Shock and awe

People hate change, and if you’re the one that has to implement it, it’s tough.


Thought Showers

Badly done, the work of the devil himself.


Media Personality Coaching

Having carefully built fame, fortune and media profile, why does everything feel ever more fragile?


Pitch Doctor

Everyone sells. Every day.


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