Alternative Thinking for Business


One of the benefits of being inherently lazy is that you develop a fondness for other people’s ideas. They are easier to come by than your own, and when they’re good it makes the whole process of finishing up and getting down the pub that much quicker.

True co-creation, however, requires a number of things to be in place: a sense of relaxed self-worth from the participants, a genuine respect for others and their views, and an intelligent belief that teams work better than individuals.

That was easy to write, but hellishly difficult to make happen. Coming from the creative professions, we know how hard it can be to moderate ego, separate people from their own ideas, and foster genuine team thinking.

We’ll welcome your ideas on this if we work together. If we work as a team we’ll crack it in no time. And secretly, we loved your idea right from the start, just couldn’t bring ourselves to say so.

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