Alternative Thinking for Business

Take me to your leader

The realisation that you have full and complete responsibility for your decisions and the team of people who live by them is daunting for some and invigorating for others.

One of the key motivations for would-be entrepreneurs to start their own business is the need to fly the nest and do it for themselves. Because we’ve been in this situation ourselves, and studied many more start-ups, we’ve worked out how to soak would-be and existing organisational leaders in entrepreneurial spirit.

Sure, you can go on a training course, but we don’t think you simply change people by sending them to a hotel or having them read a book. It takes a considered and bespoke approach that is sensitive to both the culture of the organisation and the specific task in hand.

We’re constantly amazed and inspired by the resources that new business leaders can bring to bear on problems, issues and situations once their thinking is freed and their creativity released.

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