Content marketing – the new editorial?

September 16, 2020 | Category: Alternative thinking

Content Marketing is the new buzz word(s) in the world of brand marketing.  It’s a compelling new label for what sound remarkably similar to Sponsorship and/or Promotions. In some countries the words for Sponsorship and Promotions have changed to Integration, to reflect the broadcast media owner’s offer to clients to integrate on a particular property across all platforms.

Content Marketing has found a place in the Marketers’ lexicon as a result of the ability for brands to become media owners.  Brand marketers are taking responsibilities for creating and managing content for their brands.

A recent article by a cultural agency Sparks and Honey on this subject is very illuminating for those of us in media.  A Day In the Life Of An Advertising Newsroom outlines just how a digital agency offers Brand owners access to news room style content management.

The explosion of new distribution platforms means anyone can become a media owner for little or no money, just a great idea and commitment. Social Media allows any brand or product to build a relationship of value with consumers.

What was the territory of traditional media owners is now open to anyone. It’s a dichotomy to see Newspapers downsizing or closing newsrooms while Brand Marketers are building them.

It is time for media brands to recognise that non-media brands are playing in this space and the bigger companies like Redbull can now create a worldwide news events without touching broadcasters.   Major events such as the Superbowl saw brands like Coca Cola, Oreo and Audi used their own “always on” media newsrooms to respond to audiences and to generate content (marketing)

On the other end of the spectrum are SME companies and brands who may not have the need or resources for such large scale events.  There are any number of digital agencies offering Community Management and different digital agencies offering Content Management.  Brands have to navigate this somewhat confusing marketplace in order to deliver results that turn into sales as well as value for money.

Media owners have all the required skills in house. They can offer brands both the creativity required for compelling content and the audience engagement to turn the brand’s consumers into fans. They have been doing it for themselves for years.

So is there an opportunity for media companies offer their clients community and content management?  I suggest framing the question with some context.

Traditional media has always had a functioning “content marketing” offer for clients. It was called Sponsorships or more recently Integration.  Client brands were offer a sponsorship of the media brand’s events or flagship programs or features.  In Broadcast Radio this activity represented around 20% of revenues.

Today non-media Brands can create their own content and can use any amount of digital media platforms to distribute their content.  Brands still want the skills to create compelling content that will engage communities of interest. This will in turn deepen the relationship with the brand’s  ‘audiences’.   That’s the media owner’s sweet spot.

How can your media company offer bespoke content and community management as a service to clients?

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Dirk is a strategic media consultant who works with broadcast and digital media owners to create company wide strategic vision.  His expertise spans brand strategy, content, editorial, product development. He has expertise in large team management, coaching leadership and creative talent across a broad suite of media platforms.

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