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How this helps

Understanding the drivers and barriers to growth in a family business

With a family business everything is personal

Family businesses are the lifeblood of our economy but they bring with them a unique set of management and leadership challenges. The lines between personal and professional are often blurred and decisions can be more emotionally driven.

At Blank White Page we have a wealth of experience in working with family owned businesses to help navigate the tricky waters of progress and ensure all of the stakeholders are engaged.

Being responsive to the needs of the stakeholders

Our bespoke service provides a framework for engaging all of the stakeholders and addresses the three different levels of need:

  • The needs of the family
  • The needs of the business for investment
  • The needs of the team for leadership
  • The results are that there is less confusion as conversations move between the three different levels of need and there is an understanding of how the
  • different needs can be met moving forward.
The Benefits

How Small Family Business Coaching helps

  • Understand the three levels of need in a family business
  • Remove confusion between the levels of need
  • Effectively engage all the stakeholders
  • Learn how to disentangle the emotion from a family business
  • Remove barriers to progress
What people are saying

Our family organisation is trying to plan for the future and how the fourth generation might transition into the role of future owner-operators of the company.

Rochelle Sommer - Chairman WTA China
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