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Difficult Conversations at Work

How this helps

An effective framework to get communication flowing

Is fear of difficult conversations impacting your business?

All too often a major barrier to performance is the ability amongst a team to have a real conversation about the issues standing in the way of progress.

Even the strongest personality types often pull punches in difficult conversations. With the experienced hand of Blank White Page we help you bust the myths around how to have a difficult conversation. Our simple framework allows people to easily have a conversation that would otherwise feel very uncomfortable and without unpleasant ‘fall out’ consequences.

Unlocking the ‘fear’ of difficult conversations

Understanding what makes someone feel wary of having certain types of ‘difficult’ conversations is the key to understanding how to overcome those obstacles. For example, a common fear is that the conversation will ‘explode’, leading to confrontation, anger or aggressiveness.

At Blank White Page we are experienced at helping people to understand how they can set up a conversation to ensure a better outcome and to overcome the fears that they have around facilitating difficult conversations.

The Benefits

How our 'Difficult Conversations at Work' training benefits your business

  • Improves communication within teams
  • Addresses issues before they get out of hand
  • Improves professional relationships
  • Productivity and outcomes are improved
  • A simple framework that can be applied time and time again
What people are saying

I like the idea of experienced entrepreneurs helping others avoid dead-ends, but also the long-term stimulating effect of people who understand and can challenge managers to be business efficient as well as technically competent.

Ian Macpherson -
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