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Small Team Performance Consulting

How this helps

Unlocking the potential of teams to improve performance and productivity

Helping teams perform better

Using a unique framework developed by Blank White Page based around the ‘5Cs of High Performing Teams’ model developed by Professor Peter Hawkins we help teams improve performance and produce better outcomes.

It starts with helping the team understand their purpose and define their own goals. Once they take ownership of their roles, we work with them to leverage performance by understanding the two elements that come into play with any team dynamics:

  • The ‘physical’ project tasks they must implement
  • The emotionally-driven behaviour that forms the basis of all group dynamics

We create high-performing teams

Using this approach to align the project tasks with the group dynamics we have developed and fostered teams with some truly staggering results where teams have punched well above their weight and made dramatic and profound achievements.

The Benefits

How Small Team Performance Consulting helps

  • Scientifically proven framework for success
  • Teams are empowered to perform
  • Better team dynamics that improve communication and empathy
  • More effective teams
  • Teams that ‘punch above their weight’
What people are saying

Dirk is an asset to any business looking to change its culture, develop clearer strategic thinking or improve performance and achievement in line with business objectives and comes with my highest recommendation.

Arjen Cooper-Rolfe - CEO & Owner of UK’s largest Packaging Provider
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