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How this helps

Cementing the building blocks for long term business growth

Planning for the long term future

As a small business owner or senior manager how do you balance your time between working ‘in’ your business and working ‘on’ your business? Often, your time is consumed with dealing with the immediate pressures of keeping the business running smoothly and little time is available to devote to think about future plans and aspirations.

With Small Business Consulting from Blank White Page we provide a space to think about the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ of your business. We provide an in-depth understanding of where your business sits within the market and identify how you can grow your market share.

Effective Business Planning

Using the Blank White Page planning and performance model we build a framework to take you through the planning process and develop longer term strategic priorities.

We blend consulting with our extensive coaching experience to ensure best practice strategic planning principles become a cornerstone of your business and help you lead and communicate those plans to the whole team.

The Benefits

How Small Business Consulting helps

  • A trusted space to think strategically about the long term future
  • An in-depth understanding of where your business sits in the marketplace
  • Strategies for growing your market share
  • Bespoke planning and performance model
  • Embedded best practice planning principles
What people are saying

His guidance, coaching, facilitation, and structured approach have been invaluable.

Peter Mayhead, MBA, FCCA - CEO at Pebble Beach Systems Group PLC
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