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How this helps

Smooth, efficient organisational change with a unique blend of coaching and project management

Mitigating the impact of change with a ‘pre-mortem’

Small businesses are constantly organising and re-organising in an effort to find the optimum structure that will allow them to grow and scale. The problem with this is that more often than not potential problems haven’t been identified before change has already been instigated.

At Blank White Page we are masters of the ‘Pre-Mortem’ approach a clients seek to bring about change. A method that helps identify and eliminate issues before change is implemented.

Our bespoke service works with the CEO and Senior Executives to understand the effect of organisational changes through a ‘pre-mortem’ and to identify where there are areas of risk.

Leading a team through change

We help business leaders work through the change process with their teams, helping them to understand why change is necessary and facilitating ‘buy-in’ to the new structure. We do this through proven methods of connecting change to long term Purpose and business planning and providing clarity to everyone involved in the organisation.

The Benefits

How we can help with organisational change

  • Facilitated strategic thinking and planning
  • Unique blend of coaching and project management throughout the whole change process
  • Helping the team understand, adapt and commit to change
  • Clarity of communications
  • Bespoke ‘pre-mortem’ planning
What people are saying

Dirk always has one eye firmly focused on the future and is an innovative thinker. His open and approachable manner enabled him to build strong team loyalty, unity and camaraderie. He’s always a pleasure to deal with and is profoundly decent human being.

Marshall Heald - Director of Content (TV & Online) at SBS
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