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Building an Effective Board

How this helps

Building an effective Board

Building trust between Board and Senior Management

A major issue faced by many businesses is the degree of confidence the Board has in the Senior Executives and the degree of confidence the Senior Executives have in the Board.

This mismatch often leads to mistrust and poor communication meaning the flow of business information becomes blocked.

Our bespoke coaching for Boards helps define the roles the Board has to play and understand how to get the best out of the Senior Executive team.

The Board as an effective, high performing unit

With a clear focus on business outcomes we explore the relationship between Board members, shareholders, Senior Executives, and the wider company. Working with Blank White Page the Board will develop a strong sense of purpose and a clear understanding of how to fulfil their individual and collective duties to all stakeholders and work as a high performing group that offers diversity of talent and thought, and acts in the company’s best interests.

The Benefits

How Building an Effective Board helps

  • Builds confidence between the Board and Senior Executives
  • Improves communication flow
  • Understand the dynamics between Board members
  • Builds a sense of purpose in the Board
  • Creates a high performing Board team
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Dirk is an exceptional Executive coach who ensures his time with our staff is career enhancing for the individual.

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