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Strong and effective CEO leadership

The buck stops with you

As CEO you are not just the person at the helm, you are quite often the person who can make the greatest impact on your business. At Blank White Page we provide a tailored coaching service to CEOs that helps CEOs focus their energies for sustainable leverage into business growth.

Our CEO Coaching builds on your existing leadership skills to produce a strong and effective relationship with the Senior Management Team as well as providing a trusted space for strategic thinking around long term business priorities.

Bespoke Career Coaching

As CEO it is all to easy to lose sight of your own personal goals and ambitions in favour of following the long term goals of the business. CEO Coaching from Blank White Page gives you the space to focus on your own career goals and helps you to understand how your values and ambitions align with that of your business.

Understanding these drivers and inhibitors creates a self-awareness around the personal and professional impact a CEO can have on a business and helps to mitigate negative effects.

The Benefits

Bespoke coaching specifically for CEOs

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Discover the impact your CEO leadership style has on your business
  • Develop your career objectives and aspirations
  • A trusted space for strategic thinking
  • Align your values and ambitions with that of your business
What people are saying

Dirks leadership coaching expertise has had a very positive impact on our business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to structure and grow their business or lead a team in doing so.

Sue Wills - Director - Hoot Marketing
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