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Ensuring Project Success

How this helps

Delivering greater project success and more able, confident Senior Leaders

Progress breeds confidence which breeds better results

It may sound obvious but the key to ensuring project success is making regular checks on progress and understanding what is working well and adapting what isn’t. Given that this is so obvious, it happens surprisingly infrequently!

Pressures on time and being ‘spread too thin’ are often the main culprits behind a slip in progress monitoring. Working with Blank White Page gives you the space to take that time and helps you focus in on progress.

This is not just about disaster avoidance. When progress is monitored and observed the motivation of the team goes up and enables better critical thinking which, in turn, tends to boost productivity and effectiveness.

Our case studies show that when Senior Leaders are afforded the time to stop for long enough to see what’s working and what isn’t they are able to think more clearly and differently about future progress.


At Blank White Page we call this ‘de-briefing’. Our role helps action oriented clients to stop, reflect, and adjust in order to make faster, more effective progress.

Our unique blend of coaching and consulting facilitates a way of reviewing performance that is psychologically proven to breed high levels of confidence and supports adaptability in senior executive team members.

It has been said that motivation is generated by seeing progress.

The Benefits

How Ensuring Project Success helps

  • Greater project success
  • Understanding how to monitor progress effectively and adapt
  • More confident Senior Leaders
  • Improved critical thinking
  • A unique blend of coaching and consulting
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Dirk is an asset to any business looking to change its culture, develop clearer strategic thinking or improve performance and achievement in line with business objectives and comes with my highest recommendation.

Arjen Cooper-Rolfe - CEO and Owner of UK’s largest Packaging Provider
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