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Is your business your ‘baby’?

Being a business owner is much like being a parent. You nurture, protect and invest so much of yourself into it it’s hard to know where you stop and the business starts.

In much the same way that children grow and become their own independent beings, a business grows, develops and evolves beyond the original vision of its original creator.

At Blank White Page we understand how much business owners have personally invested into their business and that in each case there is a unique set of drivers and inhibitors. Our bespoke service for business owners provides an experienced and trusted space to explore how their personal aspirations align with the strategic direction of the business.

Loosening the ‘apron strings’

Having built a successful business many owners realise that it can be their own drive and motivation that could hold the business back in the future. Having invested so much of their time and energy into building a successful enterprise they now want to explore other areas of interest and free up time to do this.

We have a wealth of experience in coaching business owners to make the transition from keeper of all decisions to trusting in the abilities of the senior management team to act in the best interests of the business as it ‘grows up’.

Sometimes, it marks the beginning of the exit of the business but more often it sees a move away from the role of dominant parent to supportive and wise grandparent.

The Benefits

How Business Owner Coaching helps

  • Take a step back and view the business with ‘fresh eyes’
  • Explore how personal aspirations align with business objectives
  • Make an effective transition away from holding all of the control
  • Discover how to free up your time to explore interests away from the business
  • Assess the long term role you want to play in the business
What people are saying

Over the past eighteen months I have had the privilege of working with Dirk, he has worked with me personally in my development as a business leader and with my organisation.

Donna Speed MBA - Chief Executive Officer at We The Curious
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