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Strategic Business Planning

How this helps

Ensuring your business plan is manual to progress not an exercise in corporate governance

Most large organisations have some form of business plan to support the budget but often they don’t follow it.

At Blank White Page we help large organisations across the UK and around the globe turn their static business plan documents into manuals for how Managers lead and monitor progress.

Almost anyone can write a business plan but making that plan relevant to day to day operations is a whole different skill. When a business plan becomes a ‘living’ document within an organisation there is a greater focus on the strategic objectives, less waste and less inefficiency.

At Blank White Page we bring a unique blend of planning principles to large businesses that help them plan for long term business growth but retain adaptability.

A planning framework that has the ability to flex

Working with an established framework we tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements of the business giving clarity and focus to the big questions of WHY your business exists, and ‘how’ and ‘what’ that enables everyone in the organisation to see clearly the link between Purpose and their contribution.

Our test is” the staff member furthest from the CEOs office knows (and understands) the companies priorities” How confident are you about this test in your organisation?

The Benefits

How Strategic Business Planning helps

  • Turn a static plan into a manual for progress
  • Set ambitious long term goals
  • Retain the flexibility and adaptability your customers want
  • Receive bespoke support to suit your business’s specific needs
  • A unique blend of planning principles and practical project management experience
Mark Grinnell Managing Editor, BBC Devon
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Dirk worked with us to find new processes and strategies, which maximise our potential and enable us to deliver clear and measurable improvement with our team.

Mark Grinnell - Managing Editor, BBC Devon
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