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Global expertise in developing teams to become more effective

To understand what makes your team tick you need to look at what’s going on beneath the surface

Teams of people work on two levels. The first level is cognitive, the task or function of the team; who plays what role and how they organise themselves. However, beneath this is a second level which is the dynamics and that is entirely emotion based.

Leading a team effectively requires an understanding of how the team works on both levels. At Blank White Page we’ve worked with team leaders across a wide range of sectors to get great results in performance by tackling the issues of function and dynamics hand in hand.

Feelings are infectious

The dominant emotions within a team are the driving force behind how that team operates and interacts. Our unique blend of psychological training and commercial experience works to help teams perform better at the project tasks but also helps team leaders understand what is going on ‘below the waterline’. That level of understanding is crucial to being able to influence behaviour and emotion.

The Benefits

What you can expect from our Leadership and Team Dynamics service

  • A proven track record of getting teams to perform better
  • Leadership coaching to understand and influence team dynamics
  • In-depth understanding of how teams work at a sub-conscious level
  • Unique blend of commercial experience and psychological training
  • Learn how to influence behaviour and emotion within your teams
What people are saying

Having professional colleagues from outside the business to acquaint themselves sympathetically and then to stimulate, analyse, provoke, suggest, prod and otherwise help managers, directors and others within the company into the myriad tasks required, would have been a huge benefit.

Allan Scott - CEO Rafford Films.
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