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Relationship Selling

How this helps

Building valued customer relationships is the key to unlocking sales revenue

What is a salesperson?

There are many stereotypical images that spring to mind from Del Boy to Arthur Daley – none of them terribly flattering. The fact is that these ‘old school’ characters do not represent the motivations in which we buy and sell anymore.

More than ever the notion that ‘people buy from people’ represents the values we want to see in the way in which we are sold to.

Relationship selling embodies that notion and has its foundations firmly set in the concept that building a trusted relationship makes the sales process smoother, quicker and more effective.

The dynamics of relationships in the sales process

At Blank White Page we help teams understand the dynamics of relationships in the selling process and show them how to build trust amongst clients so that they are fulfilling a need rather than ‘pushing a sale’.

The Benefits

How Relationship Selling helps

  • Smoother, more effective sales processes
  • Fulfilling customer need rather than pushing sales
  • Understanding the dynamics of relationships within the sales process
  • Understanding the what the values of your customer are
  • More repeat sales as customer loyalty grows
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