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Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

How this helps

Unlocking the potential of your small business

Do you plan for your business to succeed or just hope it will?

Most small businesses are reactive. Time is precious and often spent working on delivering to customers now rather than planning for the future. Small businesses who do plan for growth, often don’t do so much beyond the annual budget cycle. The predominant view seems to be that they feel small and agile enough to operate by a rolling year on year plan.

At Blank White Page we bring a unique blend of planning principles to small businesses that help them plan for long term business growth but retain adaptability.

A planning framework that has the ability to flex

Working with an established framework we tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements of the business giving clarity and focus to the big questions of ‘how’ and ‘when’ as well as maintaining that element of flex that every small business needs to grow.

The Benefits

How Strategic Planning for Small Business help

  • Become a proactive business and get ahead of the competition
  • Set ambitious long term goals
  • Retain the flexibility and adaptability your customers want
  • Receive bespoke support to suit your business’s specific needs
  • A unique blend of planning principles and practical project management experience
What people are saying

Dirk quickly won the trust and respect of the team and set about to implement much needed changes and set a successful new direction.

Jacquie Riddell GAICD - Senior Executive and Strategic Advisor - Media
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