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Make your meetings count

Why do meetings often feel like they are going nowhere, fast?

More often than not a meeting is chaired by the most senior person in the room. However, this can act as a major barrier to that person integrating into the team and being part of a solution-focused discussion.

At Blank White Page, we support teams take care of the duties to facilitate a meeting, ensuring that it runs smoothly, to time and that everyone (even the introverted) are brought in to the discussion and given space to contribute as part of the team.

Studies have shown that when the meeting is planned and facilitated by someone who has an understanding of and is attuned to group dynamics the outcomes tend to be much better across the board. This includes meeting productivity, team relationships and effective decision-making.

Plan, Prepare, Deliver

Our experience of thousand of meetings, we believe that effective facilitation starts well before the actual meeting takes place. We help you to ensure a clear purpose, focused objectives and a solid agenda are all in place. We help you answer the question, “What will be different as a result of this meeting?”

The Benefits

What types of meeting can we help with

We can facilitate any type of meeting but some of the most common ones we’re asked to help with are:

  • Board or Executive Away Days
  • Senior Leadership Meetings
  • Project Teams
  • Crisis Teams
  • Underperforming Teams
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He has been steering us through this period of change management, enabling us to establish key clear objectives for ourselves and the organisation

Rochelle Sommer - Chairman WTA China
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