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Customer Journey Mapping

How this helps

Understanding the customer experience from their perspective

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Customer Journey Mapping helps teams understand the customer experience from the customers’ perspective. At Blank White Page we create a tailored customer journey to your business that helps everyone in the company see the whole picture rather just the particular business function they sit in.

For example, when a team member who works in , say, Accounts truly understands what it’s like for a customer to buy our product or service from first expressing an interest through to paying their bill (and hopefully repeating the process) they are able to view the experience as if they were a customer. This leads to greater levels of empathy and a better overall service to the customer.

A proven way to improve customer loyalty

Blank White Page clients have unlocked great synergies with this simple intervention at breaking down silos between different areas of a business. Our track record also shows the positive affect of this process on customer loyalty due to improved service levels.

The Benefits

How Customer Journey Mapping helps

  • Creates insight and empathy into the customer experience
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Improved teamwork between different areas of the business
  • Break down department ‘silos’
What people are saying

Dirk has an excellent understanding of people and communication styles and this blended with a natural curiosity and insightful ideas has helped give us clarity, confidence and a structure to deliver against our growth targets.

Sue Wills - Director - Hoot Marketing
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